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陳子豪:生物性的揣想 Tan Zi Hao鍾宜庭 (中譯)
Art Production
November 20th, 2020
The Creaturely No aspect of everyday life in Southeast Asia is untouched by creaturely allegories and metaphors. In Bali, the world is said to be borne by the cosmic turtle Bedawang Nala;(註1) in Sumba...
We talk to Togolese rapper Elom 20ce who aims to bring his politics to the masses. I can’t think of many rappers anywhere on this planet who pick their references as meticulously as Togolese rapper El...
In 2032, collective physical gestures are disappearing at an alarming rate due to our dependency on screen mediations to express ourselves. In an effort to preserve this rapid decline, we invite you t...
複合生物、意識形態和語言:專訪陳子豪 Au Sow Yee 林易萱, 鄭文琦 (中譯)Chung, I-Ting (copyeditor)
October 5th, 2020
(An e-mail dated 5th July 2020, 12:27pm:) “Broadly I am interested in ideological compositions. My research on the Makara and other composite creatures is an attempt at understanding how composites pr...
If we compare audio with video chat, we realize that the latter’s ‘visibility’ does not make two-dimension three-dimensional, or what might be called corporealization. On the contrary, due...
Rikey Tenn: I am conducting the interview in Open-Contemporary Art Center because the project “Nusantara Archive 2020: The Piracy, the Radio-wave, the Bubble” is a cooperation between OCAC and No Man’...
1. Relations among the islands of Malay Archipelago in a broad sense: the northern island, Formosa, as a departure point  The Malay Archipelago, in the traditional sense, refers to the group of scatte...
Esther Lu: Maybe we can start this conversation by introducing soft/WALL/studs’ origin, like how it began and how you met each other. Luca Lum: soft/WALL/studs (s/W/s) began in 2016 with four a...
敬廣播:來自往昔的聲音 Vidya MurthyJermaine Huang白斐嵐 (Translator)
Sound Scene
July 7th, 2020
Radio, when it first arrived, produced a unique acoustic space and created a new aural experience. Like other colonial technologies such as the gramophone and cinema, it created a new and distinct for...