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A Review on the Development of Taiwan’s Digital Art in 2014 The Sunflower Student Movement, the burgeoning maker culture, and the Taipei City’s mayor election in 2014 clearly showed us a brand new med...
致聽者:如何聽尚-克勞德.艾洛瓦的音樂 Jean-Claude Éloy謝仲其 (翻譯)李岳凌 (翻譯)
Sound Scene , Translation
July 9th, 2015
To Edwin Lo Sound, textures, energies Above all, music is about sound, a sound and acoustic entity in the broader meaning of the term, which can be very complex and go beyond the mere concept of...
When I make documentaries, I am inspired by the room at the beginning of every haunted-house movie that the protagonist is told (by a real-estate agent or neighbor or previous occupant) in the firs...
後數位景觀社會 Alf Chang Wang, Sheng-shih (trans.)
June 10th, 2014
“Post-digital” is a concept frequently mentioned in recent discussions about the current conditions of digital technology and artistic practice. This concept is not newly formulated but has emerged at...
“Type: Zero” is a collaborative work by Taiwanese artist Lee Bo-ting and Filipino artist Mannet Villariba who participates in the “Project Glocal.” This project seeks to bring artists from different c...
穿(景):亞洲身體的再生產 Rikey Tenn 王聖智 (translator)
Art Production
April 19th, 2014
Project Glocal: Transi(en)t is an experimenting project co-organized by the independent curator Dayang Yraola and No Man’s Land in early 2014. This project invites three artists respectively from the ...
巫覡能不能說眾罔兩的語言? Hsu, Fang-tze 戚育瑄 (翻譯)
January 8th, 2014
A gasp of breath, one after another, produces the sound of rain, Which could only be heard after all the dancers exert themselves; Gathering, the raindrops become our river along which we find the roa...
The intent of this expose is to outline the rudimentary theoretical foundations for certain cultural practices involving the subversion of consumer technology. By consumer technology I mean hardware a...