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ISSUE 22 : Space as Archive I
Too Correct to be Referred to as “Contemporary”; Too Conservative to Be Referred to as “Avant-garde”
August 28th, 2015Type: Art Production
Author: Yeh Hsing-jou Editor: Rikey Tenn
Note: This article is written by Hsing-Jou Yeh, member of Etat and NML writer, with the calling of publication ALTERing NATIVism -- Sound Cultures in Post-War Taiwan. 2015 is the 20th anniversary for Etat, while they've worked on digitalizing and archiving video tapes and printed documents collected by decades, to construct an on-line archive. This article focuses on the idea of naming "Etat" and the situation of member-gathering during the very beginning. It also features on the connection between Etat and the spirit of "try-out" in the 90s in Taiwan.
創始成員之一陳愷璜解釋在地實驗 (Etat) 命名由來手稿
藝術的故事: 黃宏德, 紀錄片 (1995, 未發行)
1996/5/14, 黃海鳴談三類身體及近身空間場
2001在地實驗媒體實驗室, 黃色潛水艇 (左為張賜福)
1997在張賜福加入後, 在地實驗網路電視台不久開播
在地實驗媒體實驗室, 黃色潛水艇, 呈現在地實驗模組化, 機動性的意象並結合計程車的草根元素 (2001)
在地實驗媒體實驗室 [T]art系列, 無盡的中間 (2002)