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ISSUE 22 : Space as Archive I
Interview with Yeoh Lian Heng, Lostgens Contemporary Ast Space
August 4th, 2015Type: Interview
Author: Rikey Tenn Editor: Rikey Tenn
Note: Lostgens established in early 2004 by a group of artists. Though situated in the bustling capital city, Lostgens has managed to take on a certain quietness and edginess that comes from being off the beaten track with trans-disciplinary collaboration. It's named after Hemingway's words. It has been chosen to present Au Sow-Yee's "Habitation and Elsewhere" in 2015 due to it's gesture of resistance to the dominant culture in the margin of central KL area.
1st Notthatbalai Arts Festival ar Lostgens' (2004); photo courtesy of Lostgens'
Wong Hoy Cheong, "What happen to Malaysia video art?" in Notthatbalai (2005); photo courtesy of Lostgens'
Aisyah Baharuddin's performance, 3rd Notthatbalai Arts Festival (2007); photo courtesy of lostgens'
2015/8/1於Findars區秀詒「居所與他方」個展座談 (中為策展人郭昭蘭); photo courtesy of Rikey
現在lostgens'位於與Findars同棟樓的戲院街建築. Photo courtesy of Rikey Tenn