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ISSUE 26 : “Don’t Panic”
A Field Guide to Getting Lost
May 21st, 2016Type: Art Production
Author: 李彥儀 Editor: Rikey Tenn
Quote From: 《迷路實地指南》5月7日~6月19日)
Note: The exhibition explores how internet images, post-production, remix, randomness encounter on the internet as a thing. How imageries that generate on internet after being taking out of its context become a thing itself, and part of it encountered with future users with its different qualities. The reasons for human to form relationship with such objects could be keyword search, or feelings of nostalgia, comedic factors, truth, hashtag, or trending. However, we can never have a full picture of how these auto-played, permanent archived data, or continuously in loop gifs generated infinitely by anonymous users on the internet will evolve with or without us.
Hyangro Yoon, First Impression (2014); image courtesy of artist
Josephine Bergqvist, Multiple Style Tribe (2015); image courtesy of artist & DAC
丹羽陽太郎, In the face of empty mirrors (2015); image courtesy of artist
Max Grau, […] craving for narrative (2015); image courtesy of artist & DAC
SUPER ADD, #vapor-room (2016); photo courtesy of artist
Yen Tech, Y-3 (2016); photo courtesy of artist
林子桓, On-line Funeral: Necromancy (2016)