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ISSUE 26 : “Don’t Panic”
What Does Art Have to Do with the Public? The Institution
May 10th, 2016Type: Opinion
Author: Wang, Kuan-ting Editor: Rikey Tenn
Note: The author of the article “What does art have to do with the public? The dilemma of the art institutions”, having been long faced with unequal resource allocation of the public and a multitude of negotiations between different sectors, attempts to strike a balance between collective and personal aesthetics, and to deliberate on an optimal compromised solution within the curatorial framework under the name of “digital art”. What cannot be neglected is that the workers in art industry are burdened with the sense of futility from its ecosystem, and that exhibitions fails to truly reflect the risks in art management; more often than not, the aforementioned leads to more questions such as the unsound art environment, the politics, or inability for public/private sectors to come to a set of sound evaluation/funding mechanism.
數位藝術中心為天母地區唯一藝術館所,原址為肉品市場。Photo courtesy of 陳文增
Hito Steyerl, "Strike" (2010), photo courtesy of artist.(藝術不是鏡子而是敲擊現實的槌子,藝術家史戴爾以「Strike(敲擊/罷工)」方案回應藝術生產面臨的政治經濟處境。