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Ko, Nien-pu

An independent curator. Her research interest lies in the urban cultures in East Asia, community art, and Modern history of East Asian. She is also the curator of Flags,Transnational - Migrants and Outlaw Territories (Tokyo Wonder Site, 2016).

獨立策展人。她的研究領域為東亞都市文化、社群藝術、東亞現代史。最新展覽為《旗、越境者と無法地帯》(Tokyo Wonder Site;2016)。

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1 “Asia” has a multiplicity of perspectives distributed in its many corners and these perspectives continuously interact with one another over time. I...
I, The History of the South Pacific According to the Japanese Empire Before the Japanese invasion of Malaysia in 1941, a travelogue titled Nanpo no Ka...
AU Sow Yee: Rumah Attap Library & Collective looks to vitalize local knowledge production or critical thinking, and has fine interaction with diff...
Alice KO Nien Po: Please share a bit on the motive and background of your founding of Rumah Attap Library & Collective? SHOW Ying Xin: From 2008 t...