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Archipelago Futurism?
June, 2022 Planner: Rikey Tenn Creator: 姚睿蘭Yao Jui-Lan
Born into a poor family in which the parents are overwhelmed by work, a little boy can only go out with a young female ghost who died in an accident. The impoverishment of the family forces the father...
未來道:乾坤大挪移 lololol (林亭君, 張欣), 黃亮融 (Trans)
November 16th, 2021
In martial arts novels, “the Great Shift” is described as a unique skill that converges powerful inner work; at the same time, it also symbolizes a conversion and shift of technical energy. In this “l...
When I first saw Phuan Thai-meng’s works, my impression was that he always tries to gather people together through games. Exploring serious topics with a sense of black humor through easy relationship...
凝視空缺:海洋中的所有陸地 Lim Sheau Yun, Ong Kar Jin, 鄭文琦 (中譯)
November 4th, 2021
The doorway to dreams lies ajar, a sinuous road passes through. What will I find on the other side, where, with a shiver of fear, the bold would confront monsters? The void? – Henri Lefebvre (註1) Thi...
The world’s order is not by the right or the left but by identity. (Francis Fukuyama) A Curse in Diversity Indonesia has gained its demographic bonus for more than a decade as its population of produc...