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Li Kuei-Pi: “Travel Weekend, Tonight”, Episode 3
李奎壁:「Travel Weekend, Tonight」第三集
November 6th, 2021Type: Africa
Author: Li Kuei-Pi + Twinning Archipelago Editor: Transborderer Project

In this show, host Robin will interview a second generation transborderer singer, Ave. Her latest single, “Spring Walk,” expresses her ideas and thoughts accumulated in her travels on the borders. She will share her concept of this song and the view about “Freedom”. At  the end of this show, Tunisian poet Ahmed Ben Omar Zaabar will share  his famous poetry Tunisia by Tunisian.

“Travel Weekend” is a radio show from the 1960s that was popular among transborderer communities in Europe. The show was broadcast intermittently among Dutch radio programs and was at first known for broadcasting traditional music and songs from the hometowns of the first-generation transborderers. Later, it gradually evolved into a platform of communal communication and information exchange, not only broadcasting music and songs but also providing short talks and ads of travel services. Well-received among the audience, other regional radio stations copied the show one after another. In the 1980s, France, Germany, Australia, Cuba and so on all had versions of the show in local languages. In 1989, radio stations on the West Coast of the U.S. incorporated talks with guests in the show and started using show hosts. The show was broadcast in evenings during weekends, and was officially renamed “Travel Weekend, Tonight.” Among all the “Travel Weekend” program series, “Travel Weekend, Tonight” that is mainly broadcast in English is the most well-known version and is also available online. Before 2008, Taiwan served as a layover stop for transborderers. This time, “Travel Weekend, Tonight” will collaborate with Nanyang Radio Podcast to present three episodes and invite LI Kuei-Pi – an artist currently based in Taiwan – to remake the ad poster of travel services originally created for “Travel Weekend” to be used as the cover of the show. In this time, host Robin will introduce what is the transborder travel with an account manager in the travel department at TransBorder, Tom. (The episode is a collaboration between Transborderer Project and Nanyang Radio Podcast; and Travel Weekend series is a part of the artist presentation of Twinning Archipelago: 2021 Nusantara Archive A-I-R program supported by the Cultural Taiwan Foundation and SEA plateaus platform./ Sound production: Liu Zhu-Chi; music: UDAAN; recording: T. Rex Music; special thanks to: Ahmed Ben Omar Zaabar, Darine Abdellaoui, John Stephenson,Tenzin Tselha.)