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ISSUE 12 : Twinning the Wastelands
A Very Nice Disneyesque Place
August 1st, 2013Type: Translation
Author: Yap Sau Bin Editor: Rikey Tenn
Quote From: 馬來西亞《財經日報》(The Edge Daily)文化別刊(Off the Edge),2007
Note: Originally written by Yap Sau Bin for the "Off The Edge", the cultural pull out section for the Malaysian newspaper Edge Daily, 2007, translated by Rikey CHENG, the article "A Very Nice Disneyesque Place" offers the point of view of an artist from Kuala Lumpur - or the art traveler's point of view - to the 52th Venice Bienniale 2007. it's Chinese version is published in NML for Issue 11: "Twinning the Wasteland".
Iceberg, Right Ahead by Josefina Posch at Campo Santo Stefano, Venice (遷徙嗜好者); photo (c) Yap Sau Bin
I believe by Huang Kui, Campo San Maurizio, Venice. A performance whereby artist tossed a chip to find out the existence of God. After 12000 plus toss, the artist settled for yes with a margin of 50 over; photo (c) yap Sau Bin
Protesters going around sticking bills and playing homemade music making satire on the whole biennale phenomenon, inside and outside of the venues