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The Unsettled Audience and Reader(s): on the Work of “Translation” at Documenta 15
September 7th, 2022Type: Opinion
Author: 許祐綸 Editor: Rikey Tenn
Baan Noorg, Churning Milk: the Rituals of Things, 2022; photo courtesy of Jiandyin & Baan Noorg
Nguyễn Trinh Thi在前監獄碉堡內創造影像與聲音多媒體裝置取材自Bùi Ngọc Tấn的小說《Tale Told in the Year 2000》;photo courtesy of Fiona Hsu
Erick Beltrán在Museum for Sepulchral Culture以圖像和雕塑探討「何為權力?」;photo courtesy of Fiona Hsu
*foundationClass*collective 在卡塞爾工業區的Hafenstrasse 76建築內一樓以想像打造團體的未來據點;photo courtesy of Fiona Hsu
Jatiwangi Art Factory在文件展期間重現他們在家鄉三年一度的Rampak Genteng儀式與民眾共同敲奏屋瓦樂器;photo courtesy of Fiona Hsu
Taring Padi的展區之一為Friedrichsplatz廣場,廣場上豎立帶領民眾共創的紙板偶,後方為隔日被拆除的壁畫People's Justice;photo courtesy of Fiona Hsu