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ISSUE 33 : Nothing Digital (But…)
The Uncertain Future of Kinetic Art in Taiwan (As a Genre of Digital Art)
June 3rd, 2017Type: Opinion
Author: Wang, Po-wei Editor: Rikey Tenn
Quote From: 《給下一輪台灣數位藝術的文件:2006-2016》
Note: Is the future uncertain for Kinetic Art in Taiwan (as a genre)? The presupposition of this question lies not in contention of media/medium rising from the problem awareness amidst “digital” and “kinetic,” but in a proposition of discourse. Wang Po Wei attempts to define “kinetic art” as a historical categorization of ”genre,” and to inquire, in the context of Taiwan’s digital-/tech-/new media art development along with the precession of “digital art festival” from 2006 to 2016, whether the genre of “kinetic art” is constantly being propelled in terms of discourses, techniques and how it’s regarded in the society.
SHYU Ruey Shiann, Distant Rainbow: SHYU Ruey Shiann Solo Exhibition (2012), photo courtesy of TFAM
SHYU Ruey Shiann, A Kind of Behaviors (2000); photo courtesy of artist
Tao Ya Lun, Membrane of Light (2009); photo courtesy of artist
Chang Yung Ta, Relative Perception N°3(2015); photo:
Yu Shih Fu, Coccon (2015-6); photo:
Lin Shu Yu, Simulate (2016); photo courtesy of artist