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The Blue Mist and the Botanic Imagination of History: Review on Lee Jo-Mei’s Art
April 16th, 2018Type: Image
Author: Chang, En-Man Editor: Rikey Tenn
Note: This article is a review by Chang En-man which reflects her way of imagining botany after observing Some Studies on Blue, a series by Lee Jo-Mei exhibited at Artspace during her residency. Even though artists and botanists both deal with botanic subject and the depictions by both are realistic in various forms, botanists prioritize the grounding of knowledge over aesthetics, whereas artists picture botany less rigorously. This article treats botany as subject to probe the representational system that stems from sensibility in between knowledge system and visual language, and how the forms based on prior/post knowledge communicate with viewers. By combing through history and artworks by distinct artists, readers can take a peek at how artists grasp the spirits of the nuanced characteristics of plants.
李若玫, 一些關於藍的研究—尤加利葉 (2015), 160×90×8cm; photo courtesy of artist
李若玫, 一些關於藍的研究 (2015), 於國際藝術村展出; photo courtesy of artist
李若玫, 一些關於藍的研究-2015.09.21行於藍山, 140*78.75cm; photo courtesy of artist
Joseph Banks' Florilegium: Botanical Treasures from Cook's First Voyage, Thames and Hudson Ltd; Illustrated edition (2017/10/19), 由植物學家David Mabberley等編. Photo:
李若玫, 剩餘的風景-落下, 50x90x25cm (2017); photo courtesy of artist
李若玫, 剩餘的風景-台北植物園裡的彈孔, 與"剩餘的風景"系列展出於美國明尼蘇達州 (2017); photo courtesy of artist
李若玫, 紅樹林 (2009); photo coutesy of artist
李若玫, 一些關於藍的研究-一場於麥卡龍的森林大火與布希瑞傑斯洞 (2016); photo courtesy of artist
邱承宏, 植栽系列-玉山圓柏(上), 植栽系列-小花蔓澤蘭(下) (2016); image courtesy of artist
A cyanotype photogram made by Atkins which was part of her 1843 book, Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions (wikipedia)