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How to Unleash Life out of Image? The Question of Immanence in Wu Tzu-An’s Celestial Observation
October 4th, 2018Type: Image
Author: Wang, Po-wei Editor: Rikey Tenn
Quote From: 《藝術家》No.518
Note: “Celestial Observation is a way to imagine the cosmos and an epistemology of the self. This ancient methodology creates a paradox between the knowable and unknowable, phenomenon and noumenon. Hope and disappointment are generated with the desire between 'To know the world' and 'To know the self'.” (Wu Tzu-An) Out of the duality of Wu's image, the author wonders: How can Wu turn a world believed to be consisted of objects and phenomenon into the image-mediated, symbolized world, in which the image is no longer a representation of something but the symbol utilized for writing?
Wu Tzu-An, "Stargazing", 2017
Wu Tzu-An, "Cyanotypes", 2018
Wu Tzu-An, "Ferns in Oakley Creek", 2017
Wu Tzu-An, “World's Odds and World's Ends”, 2015
Wu Tzu-An, "Space/Noise", 2018