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ISSUE 32 : Art and Commitment
A Report from Taipei on the Role of Curatorial Actions in Shaping a Discourse about Asia from Asia
May 8th, 2017Type: Opinion
Author: Anabelle Lacroix, 王聖智 (翻譯) Editor: Rikey Tenn
Quote From: 2016 Kuandu Residency Program: Anabelle Lacroix
Note: Part of the Kuandu Residency Program in 2016, Anabelle Lacroix considers the role of curatorial actions in shaping a discourse about Asia from Asia. In the essay published by Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, she discusses the role of institutions, independent spaces and publishing platforms such as NML in Taiwan. She also extends her research on Taiwan art scenes to her ARIs project in Victorian College of the Arts - University of Melbourne. (Lacroix is an independent curator. Her research has been focused on aspects of stating, fiction, and the politics of representation in exhibition spaces. She curated projects at institutions, universities and independent contemporary art spaces. The report is authorized to republish here by the author & KdMoFA.)
Discordant Harmony. Photo courtesy of KdMoFa
Au Sow Yee, If the party goes on. Prelude: To the Party; Installation view at TCAC (2016). Photo courtesy of artist.
OCAC, How to fix a leaking roof in a rainny day? (photo: Lo Shih-tung) image courtesy of OCAC
Akira Takayama, Beitou Heterotopia, “Negative Horizon: 5th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition” (2016). Photo: Hong-Gah Museum