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Nusantara Archive Project #9: Cut And Recue – Disrobot Radio
October 18th, 2018TYPE: Event

“The Radio was very popular in the 80s-90s era in Indonesia. Every night people awaited and listened to the drama series of several radio stations. Now, the radio drama becomes unpopular which is changed by the tv drama or ‘sinetron’, It also happens to the glorious era of Indonesia movies in 70s-90s, people were getting excited to watch Indonesian movies in the cinema. Now only some movies are produced every year and there are only a few good ones. I try to elaborate the two media that were popular in the old time by the audio collage work. I called it ‘Disrobot Radio’ (hijacked radio), made from an audio cut from 11-15 movies in 80s-90s. I only cut for an interesting dialogue and reconstruct into a new story related to Indonesian social, politic, and culture condition nowadays. I also make posters for every series from old movie posters that I’ve collected. The poster is for people to imagine the characters from radio dramas that they hear.” (Angga Cipta)



Cut and Rescue is a Jakarta based art collective, it has no boundaries in the case of sharing, researching, developing and working the ideas. Cut and Rescue’ works across mediums, from a collage of images and texts, pieces of sounds and videos, as well as experimental and performative actions. The name of the group can be defined as a CUT AND SAVE. Cut and Rescue retrieves, copies, and saves cultural artifacts intertwined around the community, which had been considered banal and low, such as newspapers headlines. In the context of art, Cut and Rescue has participated in Jakarta 32°C 2012 (5 Best Work), Jakarta Biennale 2013, and appeared in several music festivals. Cut and Rescue is Angga Cipta, Gelar Soemantri, Gesyada Siregar, Reno Ganesha and Syaiful Ardianto. See also:

Host 陳沛妤/ Angga Cipta/ Syaiful Ardianto
Date November 6th, 2018 19:30-20:30