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Asian Art Festival series 2 – Architecture, the Phantom and the Boundary in Common
November 20th, 2018TYPE: Event

(Photo: Apichatpong W. (@kickthemachine) | Twitter)

“Under the theme ‘Imagined Borders’ of this year’s Gwangju Biennale, seven exhibitions have curated by eleven curators. Because of the variety and magnitude of exhibition works, in this ET@T talk we will examine several topics and phenomena which could be discussed in Gwangju Biennale 2018. For example: How to understand the transposition of the concept of ‘Imagined Communities’ by Bennedict Anderson has become the dual relationship between modern architecture and nationalism. In addition, to discuss refugee issues and legislative systems in ‘Facing Phantom Borders’ and ‘Faultlines’, two sub-topics of Gwangju Biennale. Especially in this year, Asian artists account for 66% of the total artists, as the highest number in its history. It is also worth understanding the imagination of ‘he Asia’ behind the lens of Gwangju. At the same time, the focus also allows us to comment on the discussion of Gwangju Biennale regarding the geopolitics, regional conflicts, collective trauma, and the contradiction between human civilization’s direction and the politics’ reality.”



Enkaryon Ang, a poet and critic, has published two poetry collections, Rorschach Inkblot (2009), and Hedgehog (2014). His poems were also collected in the anthologies, Post-80 poets of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan (2013) and Evidences of Living (2014). He is one of the editors of the magazine for literature critics, Secret Reader.




Host 印卡 (Enkaryon)
Date November 26th, 2018 19:30-21:00