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Nusantara Archive
Nusantara Archive Project (since May 2017) attempts to adopt “Malay Archipelago” and “Archive” as both a framework and a method, through which the project of decolonizing art history can be practiced. Through comparative readings of shared regional history, Archive is capable of connecting communal imaginations of “the rest,” the residual part of the official nationalist vision, inviting local and South East Asian artists to cooperate in writing and proposing ideas. In doing so, we question how this “pre-national” discursive trajectory could embody agencies to overcome the vision of the nation-state. This project contains three dimensions, namely residency exchanges, the talks, and the brochures of “Nusantara Archive.” Based on the journal of No Man's Land, the project extends the application of Archive through various means, including but not limited to art residency, translation, and cooperative publishing.2021 Nusantara Archive A-I-R program is supported by the Cultural Taiwan Foundation and SEA plateaus.

No Man‘s Land
Established as an online writing project since November 2011 (sponsored by Digital Art Foundation), No Man's Land journal is a media platform that continues to reorganize itself. NML positions itself peripherally in the field of contemporary art, technology, performance, narrative and imagination by utilizing creative connections and circulations among "networking/internet", "discourse" and "art community" as practice. In light of geographical proximity, NML aims to connect the art scenes in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines through decentralized media maneuvers. It invites the audience to take a turn on the monopolized perception of mainstream contemporary art under globalization/single capital market.
「群島資料庫」計劃(2017五月迄今)試圖以「馬來群島」和「資料庫」作為實踐藝術史解殖工程的框架與方法。通過區域共享歷史的比較閱讀,資料庫得以串連在民族主義視野下的「其餘」(the rest)共同體想像,並邀請本地與東南亞各國的藝術工作者協力書寫/合作提案,藉此探問此種「前國族」的思想進路,如何體現超越民族國家視野的能動性。本計劃涵蓋「駐站交流」、「荒原見面會」和《群島資料庫》手冊等三個向度,並以《數位荒原》期刊作為基礎,透過藝術進駐、翻譯、協作出版等模式延伸資料庫應用。2021「群島資料庫」改版計劃是由文化臺灣基金會及SEA plateaus平台共同支持。
Editor-in-Chief 鄭文琦 Tenn, Bun-ki
English Editor 鍾宜庭 Chung, Yi-ting
Archive Organizer 葉杏柔 Yeh, Hsing-jou
Technical Support 詹媛安 Chan, Yuan-an
Editorial Advisory Board
黃文浩 Huang, Wen-hao /區秀詒 Au, Sow Yee
葉紹斌 YAP Sau Bin / 高森信男 Takamori Nobuo
羅仕東 Lo, Shih-tung / 吳庭寬 Wu, Ting-kuan
黃瀞瑩 Huang, Chin-yin