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ISSUE 33 : Nothing Digital (But…)
Cornelia Sollfrank: Revisiting Cyberfeminism
Cornelia Sollfrank選譯—再探網路女性主義
July 6th, 2017Type: Translation
Author: Cornelia Sollfrank, 林書全 (翻譯), 戚育瑄 (校對), Editor: Rikey Tenn
Quote From:
Note: Cornelia Sollfrank, PhD, is an artist and researcher living in Berlin and Dundee, Scotland. She is a hacker, Cyberfeminist, and conceptual and net.artist who has been investigating worldwide communication networks and transferring subversive artistic strategies of the classical avant-gardes into the digital medium since the mid-1990s. In the essay, she explains the terminological relations of cyberfeminism and the "cybernetics" or "cyberspace", and how it enables feminist artists to appropriate internet technology through their practices, and why it is still important to harness the agency of it.
Screen capture from Janine Sack, "Processing Cyberfeminism 1999"; courtesy of the OBN archive