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NML Residency Project & Nusantara Archive #1: A Proposal for Our Future Mother Tongue
(見面會18) 群島資料庫1:咱的未來母語提案
July 28th, 2017TYPE: Event


The excerpt above is written by Mr Lee, a Taiwanese Hokkien language teacher

I attempt to imagine our collective identities through language connections and disconnections. In this artistic research, my language proficiency became my tools and boundaries: Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, English, Hokkien; and within them, the language politics, the accents, the unwritten. Interpretations were based on introduction through language teachers as well as conversations with fellow Malaysian artists and cultural workers, who are and were based in Taiwan. Moving back and forth between the bridges and gaps of the past and contemporary signifier and signified, what will then be the possibilities of our mother tongue and lingua franca in the future along with the development, re- or non-development of the current ones?



Chew Win Chen, aka Okui Lala (b. 1991), is an artist based in Penang, Malaysia. Her practice spans from photography, video, performance to community engagement. Okui looks into the migratory background and translation process to explore the notion of home and identities of herself in extension with the larger social, cultural and political milieu. Her most recent work “My language proficiency” (2017) which was exhibited at the National Art Gallery Malaysia, is a video performance whereby she held a panel discussion with herself in 4 languages (Malay, Mandarine, English and Hokkien). In 2016, she was invited as the artist in residence for Baan Noorg’s 365 Days: LIFE MUSE, model study for the Nongpo community’s foreign labourers. Okui is a participating artist in Saitama Triennale 2016 and also a recipient of the Japan Foundation Asia Centre Fellowship Grant 2017 for her artistic research project on Migration, Mobilities and Identities in Myanmar and Japan.


No Man’s Land Residency & Nusantara Archive project (The 1st Year):
Organizer: No Man’s Land; Digital Art Foundation
Associate Organizer: ET@T, Open-Contemporary Art Center
Observation Team: Chen Hsiang-wen, Ho Yu Kuen, Lai Ying-tai (supported by National Culture and Arts Foundation; specially thanks to 就諦學堂(Mr. Sam Lee), Mr. Lee Heng-de, Chang Li-ling, Wu Ting-kuen, Yizai Seah, Wong Weng-su, Yau Sir-Meng)

Host Okui Lala (周盈貞)
Date August 5th, 2017 14:00-16:00