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Non-Intentional Sound
March, 2020 Planner: Tenn, Bun-Ki Creator: Xia Lin (林亭君) Curator:

Music is permanent, only listening is intermittent. (John Cage)

Silence named a sort of musical plane of immanence: not the absence of sound (an impossibility), but the absence of intentional sound that opens our ears to liberated sound molecules. (Christoph Cox)


Cover Art: Xia Lin, “Collective Data Fall”

In this experiment, I invited participants in the room to communicate with each other for 50 minutes by hand-clapping. Amidst this activity, a 360 camera captured people’s reactions and behavior, and from the camera footage, I then made analysis of rhythm, attributes and signs of connection. Interesting behavioral paths were formed within the set conditions of this experiment, making traces of visible and invisible flow.

Consider harnessing sound as a way of interpreting the universe, relationships, changes, and the here and now; a process wherein an exploration of cosmopolitics is implicit; a sublimation technique...

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