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Round Table Discussion of CO-TEMPORARY Southeast Asia-Taiwan Forum, day 2
August 13th, 2016Type: Art Production
Author: 許芳慈, 黃漢沖, 符芳俊, 劉威延, Theodora Agni, Anang Saptoto, Dara Kong, 鄭文琦, OCAC Editor: Rikey Tenn
Quote From: CO-TEMPORARY:台灣—東南亞藝文交流暨論壇 (打開-當代藝術工作站主辦)
Note: On July 9-10, Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC) held “CO-TEMPORARY: Southeast Asia-Taiwan Forum and Exchange Program on the Arts and Culture” at TCAC. The Program covered a series of exchanges from May to September involving members from both OCAC and the SEA counterparts. The aforementioned forum is highlighted for its symbolic new practice, after OCAC first stretched its reach to contemporary art communities in Thailand in 2011 and has been continuously building up its Southeast Asian networks, to re-unite involved artists, representatives of the spaces and Taiwanese local partners devoted to exchanges with the SEA. The following is the round‐table discussion minutes of the 2ND day.
左Grey Projects代表Jason Wee; photo courtesy of Rikey
左Run Amok代表Hoo Fan Chun; photo courtesy of Rikey
左TAV代表Urich Lau; photo courtesy of Rikey
現場觀眾針對Sa Sa Art Projects提問; photo courtesy of Rikey