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Nusantara Archive #13: Posak Jodian – In between Urban Nomad and Lakec
Posak Jodian—在遷徙與渡河(Lakec)之間
May 17th, 2019TYPE: Event

“I haven’t heard enough. What else? I want to know more, I want to know more about the future.” This was told to us by an Orang Asli after my sharing on the story of Taiwanese Indigenous People at Kampung Cunex. He was talking to Jeffrey in Bahasa Malaysia, saying that he wanted to hear more of our story, imagining that could be their story in the future as well.

KANTA Protraits Malaysia –Taiwan Exchange 2019 is based in the collaboration between Malaysian artist Jeffrey Lim and the indigenous director Posak Jodian in PETAMU Project last year. Being treated and experienced exceptionally as Pangcah identity, Posak reclected on the processes of colonization in Taiwanese and Malaysian indigenous tribes. On the roads to their destinations of different tribes of the Malay Peninsula, they saw endless shadows of palms from the window until the reached the tribes of Orang Asli – the oldest inhabitants on this land…


Posak Jodian, an Amis who lives in Taipei. Posak is the given name and Jodian is the father’s name. Posak has a background in Ethnolinguistics and Communication studies. She mainly uses documentary as a method, and observes the traditional field formulation of tribe and the urban life of the indigenous people who left their hometown through long-term field research based on her ethnic identity. Meanwhile, she participates in the scenes of various mass movements, and the various actions of young people in between the gaps of cities. Continue to work on the documentary “Social Practice from Straight to Halfway Cafe”. Trying to use the ethnic and cultural actions as a fulcrum to open the boundaries between identity and recognition. Her work was published at several places, “Self-portrait” (2008) at Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park, “Story of Bai” (2010) at Taiwan Indigenous Television, Flames on the water (2016) at N-Factory AIR. She is also a member of Halfway Cafe and Haibizi Tent 16-18.


NML Residency & Nusantara Archive project (The 1st Year):

Organizer: No Man’s Land; Digital Art Foundation
Associate Organizer: ET@T, Open-Contemporary Art Center
Observation Team: Fiona Cheng, Wu Ting-Kuen, Posak Jodian, Alice Ko (supported by National Culture and Arts Foundation)

Host Posak Jodian
Date May 29th, 2019 19:30-21:00