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Esther Lu

Curator / writer with a background in literature, art history, activist, curatorial studies. Interested in formulating conceptual ways of seeing and discursive events crossing art and reality. Many of her projects focuses on interplays of sensibility, body, institution & memory, driven by the curiosity to explore human conditions, boundaries of knowing and how art embodies and exceeds our imagination to address various concerns toward humanity, culture and relevance of life. Esther was the director of Taipei Contemporary Art Center (2015 – 7), the curator of This is not a Taiwan Pavilion – collateral event in the 55th Venice Biennale.


Esther Lu:讓我們從soft/WALL/studs 的故事原點開始吧。當初你們怎麼互相認識的,又如何開始合作的呢? Luca Lum:soft/WALL/studs(s/W/s)是由Kenneth Loe、Weixin Chong、Stephanie J. Burt和我在2016年啟動。我們...
除了顏色、形狀、光線,天空還為你帶來什麼?   呂岱如(Esther Lu):你個人的生命經驗與藝術實踐方式的特殊性對我深具啓發,尤其你在個人新進藝術家的職業生涯已獲肯定後,突然搬到深山裡的寺廟去當和尚,修行長達八年之久的這則經歷。當你在探討問題、 展開一種理解或是一種議題時,其背後有種陳...